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Due to my unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have written letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews.

  1. Ardel Knutson:  He helped to keep the purchase together when I had given up.  He gave 100% effort to make it happen.  We had recently retired and our business that we had closed made it difficult for the mortgage company to sort through our new financials in order to qualify for the loan.  Bob helped so we got the information correct that we needed to provide.
  2. Lois Detwiler:  Bob did a great job selling our property.  He took on a challenge that nobody else would touch.  My husband and I would of never made it through this.  Bob explained everything to us. When he was finished he was like a son to us with all the help we needed. Thank you again Bob.
  3. Kathy Huttmann:   Bob, you were outstanding and performed above and beyond… we couldn’t have done it without you! You made so many things happen in an amazingly short period of time… you are a rock star!
  4. Bill Barger:  First off I would like to say that I am a very discriminating client.  I have bought and sold over 60 properties and I expect all transactions to be handled quickly and professionally by my realtor.My wife and I SHOULD have hired Bob Sprague to sell our mountain property.  We were out of town sellers and we really needed someone local who not only knows and understands the market but could help us with all the details of being absentee owners. Bob not only found us a qualified buyer, he found the buyers a lender that met their needs. His attention to the details made the closing go off without a hitch. We even closed a week early thanks to Bob.It’s amazing the difference an experienced realtor makes.
  5. Ashley Davis:  It was a blessing to have Bob as our Realtor. We are an indecisive couple with the tendency to have buyer’s remorse. Bob worked with us with no pressure and we love our house! A good man with good intentions and the customer’s best interest at heart.  He has already been working with my in-laws because of our recommendation and I would recommend him to anyone else that is ready to buy/sell.
  6. Zee Gittlein:  Bob is not afraid to work with the sellers and banks to help “Make It Happen”. Bob worked with us on purchasing a foreclosure property that was over-priced. Bob helped us with some very tough negotiations and stuck right in there with us. I highly recommend Bob as the “Go To Realtor” for all of your needs!
  7. Barbara Miller:  Bob is a hard working individual and he’ll work hard for YOU!  He was very professional with the photo shoot and on-line posting of our home (which sold in 3 weeks in a slow market).  He produced an informative notebook about the home from monthly utilities to landscaping and great pictures of each room. He was prompt and efficient, worked well with others involved in the process, and gave good advice when requested. I would say you can’t go wrong with Bob, he’ll do his best for you…he’s honest and ethical.
  8. Helen Hilligoss:  Bob helped me sell my farm in just a short time and got what the value was. I had some things to do to satisfy the inspector and Bob helped me get it set up and get it done on time. After that the appraiser required my five large barns and outbuildings to be painted in order for the buyer to get the loan. Bob helped me negotiate a fair split with the buyer and arranged to get the work done. Bob ended up as a friend and I would recommend him to anyone as he gets the job done. He’s awesome as he works for you not like some Realtors I dealt with. Love him for that.
  9. Tom Webster:  I highly recommend Bob. He is personal and professional. He works very hard for you, and is the most honest man I have ever met.  He will sell your home at the best price for you and find the perfect home for you when you need it.  I had him sell our home and since I had already moved he watched over my home and worked quickly to find the perfect buyer.  You can’t go wrong with Bob.
  10. Mark Carroll:  Great help. Tried to sell farm for two years and no luck. Bob took a different approach and did it in a few months.
  11. Ashley Neil:  I think Bob went WELL above and beyond what a Broker should do. We ran into a situation that most Brokers we have worked with in the past would NOT have taken such a hit on but Bob did it without hesitation. He is honest, hard-working, he listened to our needs and concerns, and never made us feel like we were asking too many questions or that he didn’t have time for us. We had used a so-called “Help you sell” service to sell the house we needed to sell before we purchased our current house from Bob and I sincerely wish we could have found him long before we chose to try and sell it ourselves. You truly get what you pay for and Bob is worth his weight in solid gold!!! Thank you, Bob for helping us buy our home. Without your sacrifice, we wouldn’t be here today!!
  12. Courtney Meade and Jeff Courtright:  We recently purchased our first home and we made the right choice with Bob Sprague. In this crazy market, he was committed to find us the perfect home, yet patient as we navigated our options as first time home buyers. We found our home after just two days of looking and made an offer that night.  During the open house days later, he returned with us to help us make the best impression. When we found our offer had been accepted, Bob was right there, coaching us through the last steps and in record time, we were homeowners! We closed five weeks later--and it wouldn't have been possible without someone who was fully involved from Day 1. It was the best home buying experience we could have asked for. Let Bob help you find your dream home too. 
  13. Elliott Gish:  Bob was, and still is, there for me since day one. There was a house I wanted to see and Bob took me to it that day, pointing out all the pros and cons of the property. After finding a place I liked, I wanted to put in an offer that night and Bob made sure it happened. When problems arose, Bob would quickly come up with several solutions and follow through with whichever direction I chose. This was the first mountain property I purchased and Bob was an excellent guide, informing me of all the various aspects I need to consider. He is certainly knowledgeable of the area and the process. Also, it seems like he is always working because his response time is unparalleled, even during evenings and weekends. I would highly recommend Bob, and I will definitely be coming back to him in the future for all my real estate needs. 
  14. Donna Depaolo:  Wonderful Broker!! Listens to your needs. Will assist you in finding the perfect property. He will research and go to bat for you if needed!!! Great knowledge of all contracts involved in purchase or sale. He will have your best interest in mind! Donna. 
  15. Sena Hitt-Lausten:  Bob was very patient and persistent in helping us find our dream home! He was professional and answered all of our questions, being that we were first time buyers. We got updated daily on homes and feedback on location for our lifestyle. 
  16. Lisa Gatt:  Bob Sprague is THE BEST!! I wouldn't deal with any other realtor, he is prompt, polite, smart, gets to know what you want, goes the extra mile or 2 or 3 ..... whatever it takes! I will recommend him to all my friends and to anyone interested in real estate... Bob found us a perfect home in an  area that is hard to find homes, ranch property, with a beautiful home, he negotiated a great price in a market that is tough. Bob sold our other ranch property for us in no time flat, using aerial photos along with beautiful home photos, could not ask for a more professional person with excellent work and work ethic, always was there to answer the phone anytime I called him and I called quite a few times.... EXCELLENT!
  17. Keith McLean:  When looking for a real estate agent, there are really only two characteristics to look for: Knowledge and patience. Bob has both in spades. He grew up in Northern Colorado and Knows the area like his home because it is. He has the patience of a saint and goes the extra mile to make sure the entire experience is as enjoyable as possible. He sold my home as well as my mother’s and helped us find our dream home in 2015 which was an absolute seller’s market. Both my wife and mother became frustrated several times during the process and Bob would go out of his way to make things more comfortable for the; even if it meant losing time and money. He never, ever made me feel guilty for taking his time…and I made sure I to take as much time as needed. 
  18. Barry Riggert:  I was a 1st time home buyer and Bob was excellent in the explanation of the events that it takes to start to buy a home. He also was always there when we called or texted, he never said he was unavailable no matter the situation, whether it was me telling him i was scared or that I didn’t  understand what was going on. I will use him again to purchase my next home or sell my current home. 
  19. Phil Gatt:  Bob performed flawlessly at all stages of our selling process. He went the extra mile in helping us sell our home. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone interested in finding a great agent. 
  20. Jennifer Getson:  

    I recently purchased my first home with the assistance of the most kind, helpful and adept realtor, Bob Sprague.  His attributes and the accolades I could recount are many! Here is my short list, as if I listed them all it would be a novelette.

    First, Bob is very intuitive! He asked all the right questions up front, size, price, needs, wants, desires, etc. and was able to start me looking at properties immediately.  The on-line list of properties he set up for me to view was the greatest, as I could see everything available  in my parameters, and choose or discount any of them, then we would go see what I chose, in person.

    Second, He is on-point!  I am easily distracted and he would need to gently remind me and redirect me as to what my needs and end goals were.  I often got excited about things that were not within my wants and goals, such as stairs that presented a physical limitation to me.

    Third, Bob is patient! Many times he would take me to look at properties, at my request, that were not going to work for me. He, of course knew this, but allowed me to maneuver through and enjoy the home shopping process, and would later remind me of why a property wouldn’t fit with my goals.

    Fourth, He is professional!  When things seemed all but lost, after finding the perfect home, he stuck with it and advised me as to all the best courses of action.  Bob made it happen!  He maintained a professional air while dealing with my tears and frustrations.

    I have lived in my beautiful home for 5 months now, and Bob has come by to help with tasks I had not figured out. He was able to help me figure out the sprinkler system, and turned it on and off, and showed me how to use it.  He is able to give me a list of trusted professional repair people for other services I will need. He checks on me regularly to see if there is anything I need.  He is definitely a full service real estate agent (I don’t know of any other agent that would come to your home in pouring rain to teach you how to use a sprinkler system!).

    I would whole-heartedly recommend Bob Sprague for your real estate needs!  I don’t think there is a more honest man, or a more upstanding real estate agent!

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